Our School

Castilleja School

Founded in 1907, Castilleja School is an all girls school located in Palo Alto, California. Over the past 100 years, Castilleja (Cas-tih-lay-uh) has become a distinguished and respected institution widely recognized for its exceptional academics, faculty, and graduates. Today, its diverse and talented student body is comprised of 415 girls in grades six through twelve.

At Castilleja, five important qualities are instilled in the girls that will guide them throughout their lives: courtesy, conscience, character, courage, and charity. The “Five C’s” inspire girls to become not only good students, but also good people. Castilleja’s community is one of mutual respect, and great lengths are taken to ensure that every student feels fully supported in her pursuit of academic and personal excellence.

Our motto is “Women Learning, Women Leading,” which exemplifies Castilleja’s commitment to providing students with the tools and confidence to learn as much as possible and apply their knowledge accordingly. By providing financial and mentor assistance, publicity, and a brand-new space for the team to work, Castilleja furnishes Gatorbotics with the support and motivation necessary to sustain a successful robotics team.

To learn more about Castilleja School, visit our website at www.castilleja.org.