Team 1700

Gatorbotics was founded in 2005 by a small, motivated group of Castilleja students supported by a curious student body and a willing parent community. In the 6 years since, Gatorbotics has built a sustainable, dedicated team and gained a strong reputation as a competitor and a team player. As one of the first and only all-girls groups, our commitment to FIRST has truly transformed both our school’s culture as well as the lives of many of our team’s members. Robotics is an integral part of Castilleja’s extracurricular offerings, taken as seriously as any sports team and recognized for both its academic merits as well as its fun but competitive atmosphere. For these reasons, the team has grown rapidly, and at present accomodates approximately eight percent of the student body.

Team Gatorbotics is a student run, student led organization that strives to break stereotypes surrounding women in the sciences. By increasing our community’s exposure to robotics and engineering, FIRST robotics has created myriad opportunities for Castilleja students to explore science and technology and develop critical teamwork, leadership, financial, marketing, and presentation skills. To share our knowledge and passion, we mentor underprivileged elementary school children through our Seton tutoring program and middle school students through Castilleja’s FIRST Lego League.

The team meets throughout the year, but focuses its energies during the jam-packed 6 week build season from January until February. The team attends on average two regional competitions in March and the FIRST National Championships in April in Atlanta, Georgia. During the summer, the team hosts “Camp Gatorbotics” to hone our members’ technical and teamworking skills. In fall, we prepare and plan for the upcoming season.

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